Dakota Attitude

Awarded Bronze Medallion

The Independent Book Publishers chose Dakota Attitude as the 2020 recipient of a bronze medallion in the Midwest Best Regional Non-Fiction category.

Conducted annually, the Independent Publisher Book Awards honor the year’s best independently published titles in English from around the world. The awards are intended to bring increased recognition to thousands of exemplary independent, university and self-published books released each year.

Listen: Interview, KFGO Radio, Sept. 22

Visit our News & Events page to list to the Jim’s appearance on News & Views with Jim Heitkamp, KFGO radio. There you can also see photos from Jim’s Sept. 13 appearance at the Pembina County Museum’s Open House.

Stories from Every Town in North Dakota

Even the most inspiring experiences and unique life lessons go unknown if they are not shared. Jim Puppe traveled his home state to ensure the stories of fellow North Dakotans were heard and not forgotten.

He visited every North Dakota town on his map, interviewed more than a 1,000 people, and documented their words in 617 stories. Dakota Attitude is your chance to learn about the lives of these folks in their own words.

The stories told in Dakota Attitude will inspire enjoyment, wonder, admiration, and a few tears. Purchase a copy today.

Jim Puppe interviews Pauline (Koch) Roll outside her home in Heil, ND, Grant County.
Jim’s well-used map of North Dakota. (Photo: Gregory Locnikar)

Road Map for a Book

Jim traveled over 113,000 miles between 2004 and 2018 to collect the stories now shared in Dakota Attitude. His map has been with him throughout the project and shows Jim’s own Dakota attitude—the drive, dedication and passion he engaged while bringing Dakota Attitude to fruition.

We Can't Feature All 617 Stories...

…but you can read a few. Meet Calvin Lettenmaier, who sold the beer his dad illegally brewed for 10 cents a bottle. Sharon (Red Fox) Georgeson reminds us “You can always change.” Marshall Johnson sees beauty in the land everywhere he travels in North Dakota. 

These featured stories—from two World War II veterans, the mother of 21 children in 21 years, and small-town postal worker—are a window into the rich contents of Dakota Attitude.

From Dakota Attitude's Inbox

I can’t fully express the depth of my respect and admiration over the publication of your book. Char-Marie F.

Priceless North Dakota wisdom and history! Joyce H.

Thanks for completing this book...it will touch many people! Joel

My coworkers enjoyed "thumbing through their neck of the woods." Makenzie Q.

The world so desperately needs a feel-good book right now. Kathy D.

I'm surprised at how many people we know in the book. It's really fun to read. Gladys & Wayne T.

I think it will be a bestseller in North Dakota. Mary N.

I've started reading [and have] had a smile on my face most of the time. Paul P.